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Integrate Paella in your portal: the basic way

To add Paella Player to your portal, you need to do some easy steps:

  1. Copy paella to your portal page

You need to copy the player folder to your portal webserver and make it visible at any URL.

  1. Configure Paella

To configure paella you need to edit the ┬┤config/config.json┬┤ file. You can read how to configure paella in the configuration page

In the config/config.json file you need to modify the standalone.reposiroty parameter to point to your repository folder. This value can be a relative URL or an absolute URL.

    "standalone": {
        "repository": "../repository/"
  1. Add some videos to your repository

In the repository folder you need to create as many folders as videos you want to play. Note that the folder name will be the video identifier.

In each video folder you need to create a data.json file with the video information. To know more about the data.json format, please read the data.json format section.

  1. Test your video

Open a browser and point to your Remember that the videoID parameter must be the video folder name in the repository.