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Build Paella from source


In addition to Node.js and Bower, Paella Player uses Gulp as a task runner and build system. You can use npm to install Gulp in your system:

macOS / Linux / Unix

sudo npm install -g gulp


npm install -g gulp

Finally, we need to install the gulp modules needed by Paella. Open the terminal and go to the folder you have downloaded paella player. Now, run the next command:

npm install

Congratulations, you have all the dependencies installed.

Build Paella Player

To build paella player you need to open a terminal and go to the paella folder, and run:

gulp build.release

A new folder (named build) will be created with the player and a test repository. You will find paella at build/player.

Test Paella

You can test Paella by running the command:

gulp server.release

This command will build paella and launch a local server with paella. You can open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8000.

This command also is watching for changes in paella sorce code and if any file changes, rebuild paella itself. It’s very usefull while developing paella or any plugin.