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Menu button plugin example


Check popup button plugin creation document before continue.

Create the plugin

Menu type plugins are a special type of pop-up plugin that automatically generate content via a menu. Therefore, the buildContent function is replaced by a series of functions to handle the content of that menu. To implement a menu button plugin, override the getButtonType() function to specify ‘menuButton` type:

paella.addPlugin(function() {
  return class MultipleQualitiesPlugin extends paella.ButtonPlugin {

    getButtonType() { return paella.ButtonPlugin.type.menuButton; }

The menu content is returned as an array of objects that have the following properties:

  • id: the identifier of the menu item
  • title: the visible text label.
  • value: this is an optional field for specifying a value, if the identifier is not sufficient
  • icon: if the menu consists of icons, the icon for this menu option is returned here. If icon is specified, the title will not be displayed.
  • className: is the value of the class attribute that the corresponding HTML element will have with the menu option.
  • default: if ‘true’ is specified, the name ‘selected’ will be added to the element’s class.

    getMenuContent() {
        let buttonItems = [];

        this._available.forEach((q,index) => {
            let resH = q.res && q.res.h || 0;
            if (resH>=this.config.minVisibleQuality || resH<=0) {
                    id: q.shortLabel(),
                    title: q.shortLabel(),
                    value: index,
                    icon: "",
                    className: this.getButtonItemClass(q.shortLabel()),
                    default: false
        return buttonItems;


When the user selects a menu option, the ‘menuSelected(itemData) function will be called, passing the data of the selected item. Since menu-type plugins are a special kind of pop-up plug-in, the paella.player.controls.hidePopUp(name)` function can be used to hide the pop-up menu when selecting the menu option.


    menuItemSelected(itemData) {
            .then(() => {