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URL Parameters

Default parameters

By default, Paella Player accepts the following parameters in the URL:

  • id (required): is the identifier that will be used to load the video manifest
  • time: instant of time in which the reproduction will start, with the format XhXXmXXs, for example: 1h23m15s.
  • autoplay (only in browsers that support autoplay): If autoplay=true is specified, playback of the video will begin as soon as the page loads.
  • log: Log level by the console (error, warn, debug, log)

There is a way to generate a video manifest from the URL parameters, with up to two streams, using the following parameters:

  • video: main video URL.
  • videoSlave: secondary video URL.
  • preview: main video preview image.
  • previewSlave: secondary video preview image.
  • title: the title of the video.

Read URL parameters

Plugins can access the default parameters, and new ones, using the following function: