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Skining. Change the paella look and feel

Paella player uses the main config file for define the skin to use:

"skin": {
        "default": "dark",
        "available": [

But for making new changes to your local project you must edit the config.json under /build/player/config directory.

How it works ?

Paella’s config defines a skin to use and this has a pack of icons and colors preconfigured to use.

How can i change it ?

You can test your skins in live mode using:; // RETURNS ["dark", "dark_small", "light", "light_small"]"light")

This is code from the themechoose plugin.


Under /resources/style/skins you have all *.less files for change the colors of the current installed skins.

If you want to create new one, just make a new “.less” with the name of your skin.


The icons used in the navigation bar and other elements, are generated using a customized text font, and defined in the file resources/style/icons.css. You can view the available icons and the CSS class to use them opening the HTML file resources/style/icon-index.html in the paella repository


    <span class="icon-photo"></span>