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PopUp button plugin example


Check button plugin creation document before continue.

Create the plugin

A button plugin implements three different types of button. By default is a plugin that calls the action() function when the user press it, as you can see here. But also you can overwrite the getButtonType() function to change this behavior:

paella.addPlugin(function() {
  return class ThemeChooserPlugin extends paella.ButtonPlugin {

    getButtonType() { return paella.ButtonPlugin.type.popUpButton; }

You can also return paella.ButtonPlugin.type.timeLineButton to show a pop up above the playback bar, that have the same width as the time line.

Pop up contents

To fill in the pop up contents, overwrite the buildContent() function. This function receive the pop up dom element. You only need to attach to this element whatever you want to show in the pop up. To hide a pop up, you have to call the paella.player.controls.hidePopUp() function, with the plugin name as parameter.

buildContent(domElement) {
  var This = this; => {
    var elem = document.createElement('div');
    elem.className = "themebutton";
    elem.innerText = item.replace('-',' ').replace('_',' ');
    $(elem).click(function(event) {;