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This plugin loads the video captions from the translectures project

Plugin Type

Configuration Parameters

  • tLServer

    URL to translectures server.

    • required
  • tLdb

    translectures DB

    • required
  • tLEdit

    URL to edit the captions

    • optional. If defined, the player lets you to edit the captions.

      Some variables can be use in the URL

      • ${videoId}: the video identifier
      • ${tl.lang.code}: language to edit

Config Example

	"es.upv.paella.translecture.CaptionsPlugIn": {
		"enabled": true,
		"tLServer": "",
		"tLdb": "db",
		"tLEdit": "/rest/plugins/translectures/redirectToEditor/${videoId}?lang=${tl.lang.code}"